Examples of Halal Food

The concept of being born in this world in Islam is to pray and to devote oneself solely to Allah, to achieve transcendence. As Quran states, I have created humans and jinns for worshipping me.

In order to obey his orders Rasulullah brought such a religion (Islam) that counts all the everyday chores of a Muslim into worship (if done according to its laws). Similarly he manifested the concept of halal and haram, so that it becomes easier for the Muslims to fulfill their devotion towards Allah.

Islam has given permission for all kinds of fruits and vegetables and meat (if slaughtered by the Law). Everything is allowed which benefits the human body. For example:

In grain products:

Rice, pasta, any grain product such as bread, breakfast cereal, baked goods prepared without haram ingredients.

In vegetables and fruits:

All vegetable and fruits- raw, dried, frozen or canned.

All vegetables and fruit cooked or served with water, butter, or vegetable oils

All juices

In Milk and Milk Products:


Yoghurt, cheese and ice cream made with bacterial culture or microbial enzymes, e.g. microbial rennet.

In Meat and Alternatives:

Meat and poultry slaughtered according to Islamic dietary law (Zabihah)



Nuts, seeds

Peanut butter


Halal deli meats

Dried beans, peas and lentils.


Beverages: carbonated drinks, fruit juice, punch, cocktails, tea and coffee

Fats and oils: butter, margarine, mayonnaise, vegetable oils and some salad dressings

Miscellaneous: chutneys, coconut milk, jam, pickles, spices Desserts made with agar and/or carrageenan base only

Sweeteners: honey, sugar, syrup, chocolate liquor (roasted ground cocoa bean syrup)

Combination Food:

Main dish entrées: any Zabihah meat or alternative dish, pizza, pasta or rice prepared without Haram foods and ingredients

Soups/sauces: any made without Haram foods and ingredients

Desserts and sweets: any made without alcohol, or without pure or artificial vanilla extract or any other Haram ingredient.

Chocolates are the most delicious thing one could ask for on this planet. It stimulates energy throughout the body, it makes the depression go away, and it brings people closer to one another, but even chocolates have certain ingredients that are forbidden for a Muslim to consume. Like vanilla extract, as the way of extraction is unknown.

The list is never ending; one could go on listing out halal products. The choice is on to a muslim, whether he chooses halal food or not.

The religion of Islam always thinks of ways to benefit humankind. It has permitted all the natural food that would in no way hurt human beings. The things or the goods that are not being permitted, in fact are prohibited will some way or the other harm a human’s body or its brain.