Scientific facts about Halal meat

Meat, since the beginning of Human beings has played an important role for them, to nurture them, and became a central point in survival. As the years went by humans became more efficient in hunting animals and benefiting from them. In doing so, we came to know that many diseases are also tied with the very thing that plays a vital role in keeping us alive and healthy. Hence, as we became more modern and the acquiring of food became easier and easier day by day, a new question surfaced – as to how an animal should be killed in order to minimise not only hurting the animal, as it is also a living being, but to minimise the problems it has with it too.

The CBS method was introduced, and was publicised widely that it causes the least amount of pain to the animals and it is the healthiest way. Islam, on the other hand which has been spread by the Prophet Mohammed 1400 years ago has taught a different way, which due to reasons unknown have blatantly rejected by many.

Due to this age being the modern era with hundreds of breakthroughs and discoveries paving the way for a more better and healthier life for all, scientists have discovered that the way of the halal meat is much more healthier in many ways and is less painful to the animals. The German Constitutional Court has permitted the “Dhabiha slaughtering technique” in Germany for these reasons.

Halal meat is of very light colour due to the fact that this method allows all the blood to be drained form the animal and hence is much healthier than the CBS method. This method also makes the meat more soft and tasty.

As scientists and nutrition experts say for the meat to be tender and juicy the pH level ideally should be around 5.4, but when an animal struggles it releases fear hormones which leads to an increase in the pH level and is also harmful. In the Islamic method of halal meat the struggle is lesser by at least 20 percent. The halal meat involves a swipe with a sharp blade across the animal’s neck, severing the windpipe, jugular vein and carotid artery, which in turn helps to remove the maximum amount of blood, whereas in other methods there are chances of blood clotting.

Islam’s way focuses on expelling all the blood from the animal’s body, and when an animal is stunned it creates a barrier in removing of blood, as due to no brain activity the flow of blood is stopped and the blood is harder to be flushed out.

1400 years ago this way was approved for all muslims, and today the experts in their respective fields are discovering its benefits.