Why this site?

Me browsing the Zabihah app for a place to eat!

As Salam O Alaikum!

My name is Raheem, and I started this site to try and spread some positive information about eating and drinking halal.

Not only for my Muslim brothers and sisters, but also for anyone who may be wondering what “halal” actually is and where the term came from.

I’ve head many stories of non-muslim people refusing a cut of meat because it was “halal” as if “halal” meant something bad – but it simply means the meat has been slaughtered in a specific way, and it’s as good as any other cut of meat you’d find elsewhere.

Oh, and I’m also a caffeine addict, if that is worth noting 🙂

On the right, you’ll find categories for eating and drinking – where I’ve collected some information to the best of my ability about halal food. Feel free to check it out and drop a line if you want to share any thoughts!